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Jumpin Fun - Inflatable Theme Park

Jumpin Fun - Inflatable Theme Park

The Challenge

We thrive on collaborating with clients who continually scrutinise their offerings, pushing us to concoct fresh and exciting brand creations. After a spectacularly successful start, Jumpin Fun set its sights on amplifying the vibrancy and fun factor for its core target market. With Jumpin madness spreading like wildfire across the UK, including five new sites, it was imperative to unify their brand.


The Approach

We conjured up a new logo that not only lets them tag their location but also sports an enormous, contagious smile – just like the beaming faces of kids bouncing around for an hour.

Beyond the logo, we injected an urban vibe into the interior and social media graphics, an essence that seamlessly translates into their new website. We’re all about bringing them smack into 2024 with style and a dash of contemporary flair.


Market Research / Brand Research / Visual Concepts /Brand Identity / UX-UI Design / Website Development / Print Design / Animation / Art Direction

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As part of the branding refresh, Jumping Fun needed a mascot. A versatile, cheeky character that can be animated, making sure the kiddos stay hooked and entertained while learning those all-important health and safety details.

Here's how we created Jumpin Jax

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Website Visual
Website Visual

Jumpin Fun - Inflatable Theme Park

“Since its launch in 2018, three more JumpIn sites have opened-up around the country, demonstrating both the attraction of the product as well as the eye catching and effective brand identity.”