Creating Jumpin Jax!

Jumpin Fun


Jumpin Fun - Inflatable Theme Park

As part of the branding refresh, Jumping Fun needed a mascot. A versatile, cheeky character that can be animated, making sure the kiddos stay hooked and entertained while learning those all-important health and safety details.

That’s when we introduced Jumpin Jax to the management team at Jumpin Fun.

Jumpin Jax faced a competitive audition alongside a colourful cast of characters, and guess what? Jax clinched the role thanks to their incredible talent for climbing, jumping, falling, and even having a taste for beer! You’ll need to watch the full safety video to witness their truly Oscar-worthy performance.

What makes Jumpin Jax even more incredible is that they’re intentionally crafted to captivate kids aged 4-11, with no hint of gender, religious, or race specificity. In fact, Jumpin Jax is from another dimension, entirely out of this world!


Designing and storyboarding the typical everyday adventures Jumpin Jax embarks on and a bit of After Effects rigging magic, brings Jax to life.

“The kids love it! They seem to be glued to the video no matter how many times they've seen it.”