Fast Track Brand for Care Talent Collective

Care Talent Collective

Care Talent Collective

The Challenge

Cross Origin faced off against 9 other agencies and emerged victorious in the quest to name, design, and develop brand assets for a collaborative care recruitment initiative set to roll out across Surrey. With tight deadlines and 7 care organisations involved in the decision-making process, this project demanded meticulous planning and expert management.

The Approach

We kicked off the process with a lively naming workshop, delving into the essential brand attributes and transforming them into naming triggers. This collaborative brainstorming session allowed us to whittle down a list of potential names. The subsequent naming process ensured that the decision was a joint effort, leading to the development of the brand’s unique expression.

Project Scope

Naming / Branding Workshop / Brand Research / Visual Concepts / Brand Identity / Website Design & Development / Branded Templates

CTC logos

The Outcome

Out of this collective effort, the “Care Talent Collective” was born, emphasising the need for individuals with Care Talent to bring enthusiasm and energy into the lives of those with learning disabilities and autism. To make this initiative come to life, we used a vibrant colour palette and created a visual representation of a journey that’s as exciting as it is rewarding – and never a straight path. It all boils down to one question: “Do you have care talent?”

CTC stationery
CTC Frame
Fast track
Poster Mockup

Fast track careers in Learning Disabilities & Autism across Surrey

CTC background

“I would firstly like to say that these ideas are an exceptional level of work and I am very happy with all the solutions”